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Although studying in college can be daunting, it’s often regarded as the best time in life. It’s a place you meet new friends and experience how it feels to be on your own. Ideally, it’s the avenue to explore and learn exciting new things while charting your future career at the same time. At Cyberlynx International College we take pride from our experience in educating students who come from diverse backgrounds. Our conducive, yet culturally diverse environment broadens one’s horizon and perspectives bringing the most out of living and lifelong learning. We believe that college time is not just for obtaining a qualification, but it’s the time where you sharpen your skills and have fun in doing it. We are here to provide the tools and to ensure that you are taught well and happy being a part of our family. The college was established in 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. However, our history dates back to 2000 when Cyberlynx Training centre was founded. Since then, the College has established a reputation for delivery of excellence in teaching especially in the areas of language, computer studies, sport, business and technical specializations. At Cyberlynx International College, our belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to further their studies and obtain much sought after qualifications. Our focus is to make it financially viable for students to study here as all of our courses are taught with same distinctive quality and commitment. With all of these opportunities, and more that are available here at Cyberlynx, you're bound to become the person you strive to be.

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Cyberlynx is a one stop centre which provides students with expert counseling in all aspects of overseas university study. All queries are dealt with at one time in one place. Our primary aim is to ensure that decisions for university study and departure arrangements are made in an informed way and hassle free Cyberlynx is a regular ‘stop off’ destination for representatives from universities in Australia, New Zealand and UK. This gives students the opportunity to meet the universities ‘face to face’ before enrolling in the degree course of their choice.

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