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Incorporated in 1990, E&M is committed to using its expertise to assist students in finding the most appropriate university placement worldwide since 2006. Our counsellors will guide you through the entire process of arranging for your studies in Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and New Zealand Institutions. Act as the information centre on educational institutions and educational institutions and education programs with emphasis on education system E&M has strong collaborative links with universities, colleges and schools which enables all students’ study needs to be met E&M has a track record of providing students with an education service that is second to none. We are committed to helping you achieve your academic goals and to fulfil your potential to study abroad. We assist you to choose the most suitable course of study and to gain admission into the appropriate institutions

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Our counsellors are certified, well trained and have completed the Education Training course by PIER. They will take the students through from the academic qualifications, choice of programs, universities and career pathway. E-and-M works to promote excellence in education and has developed to become one of the most active, innovative and well-respected organisations in the field of university placement. E-and-M is a “One Stop Centre” for student placement to Australian, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Malaysia institutions. We assist student from the very beginning stage till their departure All our counsellors are well trained and have completed the Education Training course by PIER and intensive in-house training E-and-M provides free of charge counselling and comprehensive information to assist student to identify the right course and high-light on the career path

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