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ECA Global is part of the ECA group, a modern and diverse educational group of colleges which has been established in Australia since 2004 with internationally recognised qualifications in a range of career- oriented disciplines. In Australia ECA has three campuses, located in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne, providing students with access to world-class education and facilities. Asia Pacific International College is part of the ECA group of colleges.

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ECA Global specializes in providing global standard study solutions in the form of a pathway program in Australia for students who seek an affordable, quality education, which is tailored to their individual needs and personal educational objectives. We provide flexible and unique pathway programs for students to study at top-ranking universities through our International University Pathway Program in Australia (IUPP). Through the International University Pathway Program, students can study online in their home country for six months or a year, and then pathway to further study abroad at universities all around the globe. Alternatively, they may wish to study in a foreign country with our Australia Pathway Program right from the start. Students will be availed of a variety of facilities and tutorial support by our international Study Support Centers while completing online education through our pathway program. To further assist students in achieving their personal study goals, we provide them with valuable guidance about studying abroad at our internationally recognized partner universities and colleges, and preparing for international student life. Our University Pathway Programs give students an opportunity to access and attain globally recognized qualifications at an affordable cost, while enjoying an incredible lifestyle and experiencing a new, different culture in their destination country.

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