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Established in October 1985, Edlink+ConneX has as its main objective : the provision of reliable and trusted professional services to students interested in studying overseas. Started from its two offices in Melbourne, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia, Edlink+ConneX has been growing in tandem with the increasing trust from the students, parents, and business partners. When Edlink was founded in Melboure, Australia, it was an uphill battle to introduce Australian education to the Indonesian community. The reason being that it was only in that year that the Australian government decided to open up the country for international students. Up to that point, Australian education which was subsidised by the government was primarily intended for its citizens. However, the founder of Edlink, Mr Hendy Hendrata, was a senior lecturer at a well known tertiary institution in Australia. Owing to his extensive network among universities in Australia Edlink was soon entrusted to represent those reputable education providers throughout Indonesia.

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We have always maintained the highest degree of integrity, so that providing advice and counselling to prospective students have never been based on commercial considerations. On the contrary, we do our utmost to assist Indonesian students and their parents achieve their goals. By adhering to this philosophy we have been able to build a considerable trust within the Indonesian community for one whole generation. In almost 30 years Edlink-plus-ConneX International Education Consultancy have 27 offices in Indonesia and 2 in Australia staffed around 70 counsellors. We are committed to maintaining that highest level of integrity, reliability and care.

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