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Based in Melbourne, Australia, ALTEC is a progressive Registered Training Organisation currently in the process of achieving accreditation as a Higher Education Provider (HEP). Established in 2008, ALTEC has made an impact on the Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry by delivering a range of career-oriented skill courses to international and local students. It was founded by a team of professional and qualified enthusiasts who are veterans in their respective fields, ranging from multimedia and communication to customer service. ALTEC is focusing on English, Business , Accounting and Information Technology to be its core expert areas in its process of achieving accreditation as a Higher Education Provider (HEP).

ALTEC is constantly engaged in developing new, skilled oriented learning programs for its students and forming alliances with corporate partners, industry bodies and universities. ALTEC envisages articulation arrangements with prominent universities and corporate training  programs in the near future as part of its strategic initiatives. ALTEC is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced executives and coordinators with years of professional experience in their respective fields.

The top management team of ALTEC consists of senior managers who are highly qualified and boast a solid academic background in education and training.

Our Mission

ALTEC is committed to the advancement of knowledge, skills and research in the community as a responsible and committed education provider through its innovative programs, community and industry engagement, strategic alliances and pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a distinctive vocational and higher education provider in Australia and overseas within the next five years by;

  • Developing innovative and industry-relevant courses and academic pathways
  • Building strategic partnerships with leading universities in Australia and overseas
  • Creating a regional identity of ALTEC as one of the leading education providers in South East Asia
  • Developing corporate relationships in core business areas
  • Developing in-house marketing capabilities and establishing marketing offices in Europe, South America and the Subcontinent

Our Values

  • Honesty, integrity, openness and ethical behaviour in everything we do
  • Scholarship, learning and academic excellence as part of a knowledge culture
  • A spirit of innovation, research and continuous learning
  • Social harmony, equity and companionship in our communities
  • Equal opportunities and access in education and learning
  • Responsibility for our actions and accountability for our decisions
  • Freedom of opinion and respect for cultural and social diversity
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