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Campion College, located in Sydney, is the first Liberal Arts College in Australia. Like its counterparts in Europe and North America, its guiding light is to educate its students to be the leaders of their societies, both Catholic and non- Catholic. It offers a broad program in the liberal arts, educating students in the subject-areas within the humanities and sciences, which lie at the core of the Western intellectual tradition. In doing so, our curriculum prepares students for both work and life. The course is based on the idea that the Bachelor of Arts is the degree most truly central to University level education. Our Liberal Arts degree emphasizes the ability to think critically and argue rationally, both in writing and in speech, and the development of the creative, analytical and research skills so important in any career.

It is an authentically Catholic institution, whose mission is to develop the Catholic mind and character. However, we do welcome students who are not Catholic to study at the College.

Campion has been established by the Campion Foundation through donors and does not rely on government funding.

The mission and vision of Campion College is:

Mission: To provide a foundational education in the Liberal Arts that integrates the insights of faith and reason.

Vision: to be a University of Specialisation by 2022.

Campion College Australia is distinctive in both educational and religious terms.

Educationally, the curriculum of the College is based on the traditional Liberal Arts model, which has stood the test of time as an educational structure that fosters the intellectual development of students, as well as preparing them for a career. It entails systematic study across a broad array of subjects, stimulating genuine freedom of thought by opening the mind to the discovery and embrace of truth.

Religiously, it is recognisably Catholic in its affirmation of belief in the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. Students will receive a proper grounding in Catholic belief and thought, and be exposed to the richness of the Church’s spiritual, moral, intellectual and cultural traditions.

The teaching authority of the Church is of decisive importance in the life of Campion College. The Church has a recognised competence in its own sphere of theological enquiry. More broadly, its authority safeguards the search for truth by keeping in balance a range of intellectual freedoms.

These acknowledge:

  • the right of individual scholars to ‘search for the truth’, as Pope John Paul II states in ‘Ex Corde Ecclesiae’, ‘wherever analysis and evidence lead them';
  • the right of students not to be misled or victimised;
  • the right of the university to have its defined identity and purpose respected; and
  • the right of the community to have the common good protected.

Why do a Campion degree?

Campion College will not only give you the best chance of securing a career – Campion will give you the best chance of understanding and living life.

Classes at Campion College are small and are conducted in a way that emphasises discussion and heightens participation. Students and lecturers co-operate actively in the pursuit of truth. Many universities have over 700 students in first year lectures – Campion delivers its lectures to much smaller numbers, in addition to capping tutorials at 15, which allows for an interactive style of teaching and learning.

The program of study is integrated. In other words, lecturers teach a curriculum that is designed so that each subject complements the others. No other Arts degree in Australia emphasises the virtue of integration between disciplines to this extent.

Campion is a small College dedicated to student outcomes. We want intelligent graduates who, when they leave Campion, will become leaders in whatever field of endeavour upon which they may choose to embark. We work hard to ensure that all students achieve their goals.

It is widely predicted that students studying now at university and college will live and work for longer than has previously been the case. You will change your employment many times before you retire, and for this you need flexibility, analytical skills and an ability to appreciate the context and environment that you are working in. Employers are actively seeking those skills.

At Campion, we train students for life – but, more than this, we Educate for Eternity.

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