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CCM students discover heart centred training, designed and led by an experienced team of mentors, offering a unique mix of ancient wisdom and cutting edge techniques. Together we are shaping confident, empowered complementary medicine professionals who go on to make a real difference to the lives of others.

Be fully prepared for work. The College's mission is to seed practitioners in the community and thus we are extremely motivated to provide all you need to be successful when you graduate.

Focus on practical skill development. We believe that confidence is developed best through practice - so our courses are very hands on with a high proportion of practical hours.

Join a vibrant community. People that study at CCM join a like minded purpose driven community that has a strong network that supports each other.

Our programs are taught by leaders in the industry who are passionate about teaching and their field of both Complementary Medicine and Expressive Arts.

We have produced hundreds of highly competent and successful practitioners over the last 13 years.

You can test out what studying with us is like by attending free introductory workshops and pre-recorded webinars as well as a range of Short Courses run throughout the year.

We provide a wide range of study options, full time, part time, blended (online and face to face combined) learning and night classes from 2016.

We treat our students as mature studentsand provide study options when required as we appreciate the need for flexibility with different lifestyles and life commitments.

We can provide students with access to Vet Fee Help loans to help them pay for their study though we are limited as to the number of these placements are available.

Our courses are Nationally Recognised under ASQA, and via various Industry Associations.

We have a popular student clinic where students can put into practice, under supervision, what they are learning on real clients

You will experience a fun, personal and heart-centred environment where support is imperative.

One of the fastest growing industries within Australia.




Our Core Values

At work do what you love.

Be the stone that creates the ripple of positive change.

Change the world by unlocking your own innate potential.

Inspire and guide people to respect what’s inside of them.

Respect and honour the beauty in all.

Embrace the power of being true.

Openly experience joy.

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