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Vose Seminary has been training people since 1963, originally as the Baptist Theological College of Western Australia. Vose is a ministry of Baptist Churches of Western Australia, for the benefit of all churches in the state. Graduates serve in many different denominations and missions organisations, both in Western Australia and around the world. Our desire is to pursue good orthodoxy and good orthopraxy knowing that one informs the other. We seek to integrate right thinking about God and right practice as a result of this right thinking. We're creating a learning environment where growth is fostered and celebrated on many levels. Our vision is not merely academic. We see the Christian community grown through world class education and training.

Some enrol to fuel and equip themselves for the ministry journey that they’re already on, or are busy exploring. Others join us because they want to grow their knowledge and cultivate a robust faith or because they know that this is simply the next step on their own journey towards a fulfilling and fruitful Christianity. Whatever the reason you choose Vose, our passionate and highly skilled faculty and staff are committed to each student’s growth and want to help equip you for a life that is a little more extraordinary.

Our Vose Alumni is a rich and diverse company of men and women who are making a compassionate and informed difference in many spheres of missional, cultural, corporate, educational and social influence. Our graduates think both carefully and creatively. At Vose we recognise that the best ideas and ideals are most effective when translated into action, and we therefore endeavour to provide opportunities to engage in rich conversations as we explore faith together. All our courses from certificate level to doctorates are shaped by a Christian view of reality. Above all, authentic and growing faith in Jesus is the heartbeat of all we do.

Vose also provides options for different learning styles and needs so there is a pathway to suit every individual. We also believe that people learn best in a nurturing environment that places value on diversity and rich community and we’re proud that our current and previous students report that Vose is such a place.

So whether you are interested in a Bachelor degree, a 1 year certificate or wanting to kick it up a notch with one of our Masters degrees, why not join us and embark on your own exceptional learning experience here at Vose?

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