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We would like to share the story of why we named our educational organization ‘Wentworth Institute’. Our institute is named after a man who was an explorer, journalist, pioneer, writer, lawyer, innovator and notably an educator. William Charles Wentworth (1790–1872) became one of the most important figures in Australia's history, particularly in Sydney's history.

Charles Wentworth – a lifetime of achievements

  • Charles was born in 1790 on a ship called the ‘Surprize,’ anchored off Norfolk Island. His parents moved to Sydney when he was 6 yrs old
  • At 13 he was sent back to England to be educated and returned to Sydney at 20
  • At 23, together with Blaxland and Lawson, for the first time made the difficult crossing over the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney in 1918
  • At 24 he sailed around the Pacific Ocean on a small sailing vessel
  • At 27 Wentworth went back to England and studied to become a Lawyer
  • At 29 he wrote a book, which had a big impact on migration to Australia, it was about ‘why people should come to live in Australia, rather than America’
  • At 34 he returned to Australia and in that same year he argued for freedom of the press and founded Australia's first newspaper called the ‘Australian'
  • At 58 he established primary school education in NSW
  • At 64 he moved to have changes made to the Constitution Bill and this resulted in Australia having responsible government
  • He argued for trial by jury and a proper process of appeal
  • And most importantly he established the first colonial university in the British Empire in 1848-49.

Life is an adventure and we want to share in our students' journey to success. We hope our students can learn from William Charles Wentworth’s creativity, adventure, bravery and commitment to education. We hope that they will fully participate in the quality education that Wentworth Institute has to offer.

As Wentworth said '(We) well know how essentially necessary a good education is to our future welfare in life'.

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