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Australian Education Global Advisors (AEGA) is a registered business in Australia working as Education Agents assisting those who want to study in Australia. We believe that individuals can achieve their Education goals as long as they are determined to do so to be what they want to be in life. We offer relevant advice with the bigger picture in mind (globally) where we consider students as individuals on a “case by case basis’. This enables us to help them plan learning pathways that are realistic and the most appropriate for them. After all, it is a great thing to eventually work in a career that is satisfying and therefore rewarding. Whether you are overseas or already in Australia, our services are designed to help you based on your needs

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Agency has branch in Africa. Operated and managed by competent professionals Offers many different courses from partner colleges and universities in Australia Considers students as individuals on ‘a case to case basis’ based on needs. Able to explain relevance of course(s) to proposed career paths Directors have lived, studied and worked in Australia for over 6 years and hence understands the student visa compliance requirements. Involved with different multicultural community groups and we therefore understand education needs of people from all backgrounds.

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