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SYDNEY, 뉴사우스웨일즈, 호주
Migration agent (MARA)
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Bridge Blue Malaysia has been established to promote professional services as education consultants. We give you advice to help you to choose the appropriate school, college or university in Australia for your education. Our headquarters, Bridge Blue Australia in Sydney is managed by professionals from various nationalities, we are confident that we can give the best services for your education and life in Australia. We also want to take care of you while you are studying and living in Australia. Our company’s Objectives: Promote courses, colleges, universities in Australia; Assist students in all ways to come to Australia to study, including visa application and accommodation; Doing promotions through various ways with our professional business strategies with proven track records; Provide utmost personal services to students with honesty and integrity abiding strictly to the Education Services Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice; Provide advice to students regarding the lifestyle and cost of living Australia; Follow up with our students, helping them if they face any problems when they are in Australia; Maintain our professionalism in our work; Abide to all rules and regulations set out in the contracts by our education providers;

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Bridge Blue gives free advice about ALL courses, study programs and schools, colleges and universities in Australia. We will help you choose the best course, program and institution that meet your needs. If you are interested in studying: High school; University ( undergraduate or postgraduate); Specialist or private college; TAFE; Study abroad program (one semester or one year); English Language; Short courses; Any other study program;

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