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MELBOURNE, 빅토리아, 호주
Migration agent (MARA)
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Dream Overseas was founded in 1989, formerly known as Australian Asian Education and Migration Centre (AAEMC). Through 22 years of development, Dream Overseas has successfully established an adaptive and internationally integrated service platform, including overseas education, immigration, study tour, temporary visa, overseas training, overseas properties, overseas investment and other multiple consulting services for people who wish to go overseas. Dream Overseas has branches in more than 20 cities around the world.

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- International Education Services • Providing “Value added Life Plan “ to those students who want to study in foreign countries • Selecting appropriate schools and making applications to schools on behalf of prospective students (including the provision of translation and interpreting services) • Providing academic course counseling services to prospective international students • Preparing visa applications on behalf of international students • Provision of accommodation and airport pick-up - Local Education Services: • Assisting international students in changing educational providers in Australia and foreign countries • Assisting students to transfer locally between institutions and educational levels • Providing academic course counseling services to prospective and local international students

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