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Why we do? To share in the celebration at the realisation of education or migration dreams. How we do it? At EMSA, we push boundaries to constantly learn and evolve to develop new ways to facilitate people from around the world achieve their personal goals in Australia. What we do? We develop clear strategies and pathways for people to follow to ensure the best chance of success. We constantly review our offerings & legislation to find the best fit for our clients.

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Free migration assessment – fill in our migration assessment and we will be able to help you decide if you qualify for migration to Australia. We also offer seminars all over the world, so if you can attend one we encourage you to do so and to speak one on one with our professional migration agents.

Free initial written advice – if you have any questions regarding our services that we do not cover on our website, contact us. We will provide you with free written advice and an answer in a timely manner.

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