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Market Management Services (MMS), a partnership company commenced business in market research surveys in 1978. Market Management Services Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 73205-A) was incorporated in 1981. Invited by the State Government of Western Australia through its Department of Commerce and Trade, MMS started to place students to Western Australia institutions in 1987. MMS services expanded into other states of Australia four years later. MMS also added United Kingdom and Switzerland in early 1990s and in 2006. MMS was invited to visit New Zealand institutions and Singapore institutions. We are now Singapore Education Specialists, Qualified Education Agent Counsellors for Australia institutions and New Zealand Specialist Agents. MMS works with the institutions we represent in many ways to add value to our clients. We organise a number of intensive road-shows and bring representatives from the institutions to major towns in Sarawak and Sabah. We believe in the potential of our youths in Malaysia and our mission is to ensure that the potential is matched with the correct education. What We Do? We provide high value education services by counselling prospective students and guiding them to an education plan that suits their ambition. We provide registration and placement services to the institutions giving the students comfort that all the proper paperwork regarding study visa to college or university registration has been taken care of. We even provide lifestyle tips for those who are venturing out on their own to have a first taste at independent life!

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The Team Our team of dedicated counsellors and administrators are friendly, driven and focused. We ensure that we provide our clients with the best value of service we can muster. Our senior counsellors have more than 10 years of experience each and are professionally qualified to provide education counselling. MMS is proud that all our counsellors have first hand knowledge of the institutions we represent. MMS organises fact-finding trips overseas for our directors, counsellors and partners. Our counsellors and partners are friendly, caring and experienced, having successfully placed students overseas and in Malaysia for 25 years and more. Our students have returned home and are now accountants, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, engineers and other professions and some are still in touch with us. We are: Professional Friendly Knowledgeable Driven

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