Bachelor of Business - Accounting

king's Own Institute(KOI)

SYDNEY, 뉴사우스웨일즈, 호주


외국인학비 (예상)
A$16,000 PA A$11,000 /연간
내국인학비 (예상)
A$16,000 PA A$11,000 /연간

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전공 분야
Bachelor Degree
학업기간 (외국인)
156 주
학업기간 (내국인)
156 주
학업타입 (외국인)
정규 학생
정규 학생
3월, 7월, 11월
코스 설명

The Bachelor of Business (Accounting) offers a broad understanding of the concepts and practices of accounting, supported by related areas in finance, law, economics, marketing, information systems, management and statistics. The course focuses on preparing students for accounting careers in the modern business environment, specifically preparing students for management roles in the accounting industry. It aims to equip students with decision-making and critical analysis skills required in a professional accountancy practice, as well as a variety of functional areas within business. There is a particular emphasis on the development of professional and personal skills which underpin success in accounting.The course requires students to study a total of 24 subjects over 6 trimesters. It contains 20 core subjects and 4 electives providing students with an in-depth understanding of accountancy practices, and an appreciation of other business related disciplines. In addition to the solid core of accounting subjects, including legislation related to accounting practices and an appreciation of ethical practice, students can also study a selection of related business, management and finance subjects designed to provide broad understanding of the total challenges faced by accountants and their clients.

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