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The Australian College of Commerce and Management has been operating since 1996 when the government introduced private providers to operate in the Vocational Education sector. This allowed employers and students greater choice about where they did their courses and qualifications.

The College has been the training institution of choice for thousands of students and a wide range of employers across every industry sector.

Our 20th Birthday celebrations are approaching in April 2016!


The College is a Registered Training Organisation meeting the Standards for Registered Training Organisations. Our National Provider number is 1441. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the government agency that supervises and approves the licencing of Registered Training Organisations.

The College is registered to deliver nationally accredited training until 17 January 2023 - yes that's a long way into the future !


The College has a wide range of loyal clients who appreciate the industry expertise, flexibility and quality of the work that we do to deliver traineeships and training to their staff. 

Each year the quality of the training and traineeships delivered by the College is acknowledged through the recognition of our high achieving students in the Department of Education Trainee of the Year awards. 


Success in “teaching” in the vocational education sector is about understanding andragogy - how adults learn best, and applying it through adult learning methodologies to all delivery streams.

By using approaches to learning that are problem-based and of immediate relevance the College ensures that it engages learners and gives them motivation to continue to learn in an ever changing world.

Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences and the College actively taps into this reservoir of knowledge and provides each learner with a supportive and industry experienced “Student Advisor” to ensure that the learning translates into practical skills and knowledge that can be applied in the workplace.

The College recognises that successful implementation of andragogy requires collaborative relationships among students and between the students and the instructor and with the employer/client. The College works with the L&D experts within the client organisation to agree on the instructional methods that will work best for that environment. This is reflected in a Learning and Assessment Strategy document for that client.

The College has had success in programs using “accelerated learning techniques”, as well as developing “guided design” programs in fields that require higher order decision-making and problem solving. In many programs we have offered or facilitated a coaching methodology that has proven to be successful to create longer term benefits.

Helping learners to learn for an immediate need is just one of the Colleges goals; it is equally important that adult learners gain the skill of learning and adjusting to a world that increasingly requires skills such as innovation and problem solving. The College is Your Quality Training Provider and can assist clients to establish an effective training solution.

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