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At Bendigo TAFE we welcome you to join us in any stage of your learning journey – whatever your age, background or career aspirations. 

Our institute is a large, diverse community of staff and students. There are many people, resources and services available to assist and support you through your journey.

Bendigo TAFE has been transforming lives for more than 155 years. The institute has a rich history of providing education for local people and preparing them for work in local jobs.

Through a network of five campuses, we deliver a wide variety of vocational courses to over 9,000 students every year. Our state of the art facilities and exciting programs create a dynamic and welcoming environment for productive learning.

Our course content is designed to deliver practical and industry relevant skills that help get you into the workforce faster, upgrade your existing skills or prepare you for further study.

We collaborate with industry leaders to ensure our courses are relevant and up to date with the latest workplace practices.


VET in Schools (VETis) program

Our VETis program enables schools to offer a more diverse curriculum and provide students with access to a wider range of career paths. The program also allows schools to offer VET in areas where they do not have existing expertise or infrastructure.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL )

As one of the largest providers of VCAL in Victoria, we have the capacity to provide a large number of places in a diverse range of study areas. We offer regular enrolments throughout the year, which means we can bring students on to a pre-VCAL or VCAL certificate when they need it.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs)

SBATs enable your students to get a head-start in the career of their choice by working part-time and starting the first stage of their apprenticeship training whilst completing their VCE or VCAL.

Taster programs

Our taster programs are a terrific option for students who want to explore their career options or try out potential VET in Schools programs. They are also valuable for VCAL students who do not wish to commit to a full VET in Schools Certificate program but would like to try different study areas to help them form career direction.

Campus services and facilities

Bendigo TAFE services a local population of 220,000 across an area of approximately 25,000 square kilometres. With three campuses in Bendigo, additional campuses in Echuca and Castlemaine and partnerships with industry and other educational providers, we are well placed to meet the needs of our region and beyond.  

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