MARK1012 UNSW MARK1012 - Practice Test & Solution - Lecture 1

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Marketing Fundamentals

2014 1 SemesterExam Solution

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<MARK1012 Marketing Fundamentals - The most popular General Education Course in UNSW><Lecture 1_Marketing Overview> This course introduces the student to the major concepts and theories, reflecting the breadth and diversity of marketing. It provides insights into where marketing fits within an organisation, its contributions to business in general, describes frameworks supporting marketing activities, and helps with challenges in the ever changing market place. It discusses the application of this understanding to consumer goods, as well as service, business-to-business, industrial and non-profit organizations, and to the growing area of e-commerce. Topics include: marketing processes and planning, the use of market research, an understanding of consumers and customers, decision-making and the marketing mix, market segmentation, positioning and product differentiation, the changing global environment.

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