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AIC JAPAN business policy

"For each guest, we will provide at home services"

Favor externals Australia Information Centre (limited company AIC JAPAN) has celebrated the 14 anniversary of its founding in the January 16, 2015. Every year since its inception steadily growing customer, has been in the current Australian stay through the person of greater than or equal to about 1,000 people per year. On May 1, 2005, it established a subsidiary AIC SUPPORT PTYLTD, Brisbane branch in 2005, Perth branch in 2007, Osaka 2008 Branch, Sydney Branch, Tokyo Branch 2009, 2010 Nagoya Branch, Gold 2012 Coast branch, Melbourne branch, Cairns branch, we opened a branch in Yokohama in 2013. Japan starting before free support, language school in addition to free arrangements, local support also will be free, we have let me strive to more and more, better service to customers.

Its founding is a company that was started by myself, but now we have continued to be increasing steadily growing staff. However, decline in the quality of service due to the growth of the company is that you want to avoid most. The Company's corporate philosophy that to "provide at home services to our customers each and every person" in mind, all employees, every day, our willing to do our best.

So, there in that we have on understanding the customer everybody, but in AIC, currently, we have your application number of people allowed to consider it as limited one month to 50 people. Represented the number of people sign up on the home page every day, we have let Shimekirira the application at the time it reaches the 50 people. Since there in the measures to be continued high service and free support quality, thank you as kindly for your understanding.

In the future, newly employed employees, further by strengthening the counseling capabilities and support force, so we will continue working to make "reliable presence" for more customers, the exceptional of your understanding and support in the future look forward you like, thank you.

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