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Established in October 1985, Edlink+ConneX has as its main objective : the provision of reliable and trusted professional services to students interested in studying overseas. Started from its two offices in Melbourne, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia, Edlink+ConneX has been growing in tandem with the increasing trust from the students, parents, and business partners. An international education consultation group with more than 20 years of experience


Each consultant Edlink professional manner always pay attention to the needs of students  and also pay attention to feedback from parents, before finally giving the best advice. In line with the growing interest of the students in Indonesia to continue their studies abroad, Edlink gradually widened its wings to countries other study objectives. At the age approaching 30 years , Edlink + ConneX International Education Consultancy in the group, has 27 offices in Indonesia and two in Australia with about 70 consultants from a total of close to 100 staff. Edlink + ConneX remains committed to maintaining the integrity (integrity) , into the trust the people of Indonesia (reliability) and provide services and attention in a professional (care). Some agents can also speak Indonesian.


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