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Education Network Consultants Sdn Bhd (ENC) is a name synonymous with that of a highly reputable and professional education service catering to Malaysian students in need of advice and counselling. ENC has long filled a niche for students' demand for a neutral, yet highly informative service that can only be available due to its education consultants long services in the educational industry. The company's consultants has more than 22 years of experience not only in counselling students wanting to further their studies overseas in countries like United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the States. It has also expanded its foray into Malaysia itself with the setting up of a special unit that specialises in taking students a step further towards the shifting of the numerous types of information that is constantly being thrown their way. Not only will students be able to identify and distinguish their needs, ENC will also ensure that should these students decide to further their studies abroad – ENC can offer them the expertise and advice to veer them towards their "choice" destination. ENC works very actively with a good number of Secondary Schools, Colleges and also reputable Universities in the countries mentioned above. This allows students to be able to fit into a wide spectrum of choices. Proper counselling and advice at ENC allow students to maximise their academic ability, not overlooking the need to be able to fit these requirements within their budget. In addition, academically capable students will also get a chance to apply for a good number of Scholarships and Bursaries offered by its representing institutions.


ENC makes it a point to work closely with its representative institutions, making visits to the host countries and the institutions so that we are kept informed and up-dated on the various policies and changes that will affect Malaysian Students both on the academic and the social front. Apart from the professional advice and counselling provided to guide students in their choice of disciplines and countries, ENC also provide non-academic services. From day one, when a student walks into ENC for assistance, we will assist that student for services related to their academic pursuit. This includes assistance with placement, accommodation application, Student Visa Application, getting flight seats for students, airport pick-up arrangement and pre-departure service information.Students thinking of furthering their studies in Australia and New Zealand can contact ENC now for further information, prospectus and application form at our office. Pre-University programmes including scholarship details for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia and America can also be obtained from ENC's office.


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