Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


ULTIMO, 新南威尔士, 澳大利亚


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全职学习, 兼职学习

> 在全新落成的最先进的工程与信息科技 大楼中学习。这座新落成的大楼有一 系列配备最新技术的教学空间,还有一 个破坏性技术实验室、一个软件开发 工作室和先进的三维数据圆形剧场。

> 悉尼科技大学信息技术学院是澳大利亚 以实践为基础的信息技术教育的领袖, 与行业保持着积极的互动,培养出的毕 业生均已为职场做好准备。我院的课程 重视实践,关注行业趋势,定期进行更新, 能让学生学到雇主迫切需要的技能。 

> 通过我校课程中所嵌入的工作经验、 实地考察和真实案例分析,获得以实践 为基础的教育。 

> 体验受研究启发的教学,根据悉尼科技 大学开展的与当今世界息息相关的工程 学前沿研究,不断更新课程内容。

> 得益于著名的行业顾问网络 (Industry Advisory Network),各个工程领域资深 行业代表均可提供战略建议及支持,确 保毕业生做好进入行业的充分准备。 

> 零距离接触行业专门技术及设施:例如, 通过我校与阿尔卡特 - 朗讯 (AlcatelLucent)的合作,学生可以拿到阿尔卡特朗讯的内部培训资料,并且参与该公司的 认证项目,学生还可使用该公司的设备。

> 获得广受国际认可且通过澳大利亚工程 师协会 (Engineers Australia) 认证的工程 学学士学位

> 悉尼科技大学还是一所思科地区学院 (Cisco Regional Academy),在这里学习, 学生可以快速获得思科行业认证 (Cisco industry certification)。

> 参加一年的工作实践,即可获得信息 技术专业实践文凭 (Diploma in IT Professional Practice)。

> 悉尼科技大学在机器人及人工智能教育 领域占据领先地位;作为澳大利亚首座 购置第二代个人机器人 PR2 的高等学府, 悉尼科技大学及其研究合作伙伴有能力 探索社交机器人和智能数字生态系统方 面的新型挑战。


This course offers a sound education in all aspects of computing and information technology for students who intend to make a career in the profession, as well as providing a pathway to honours, postgraduate study or a research career.

This course adopts a practice-based approach to IT education and the course content is a mix of theory and practice. As well as gaining strong technical skills in IT, students gain skills in business analysis, problem solving, teamwork and communication. Employers look for graduates with industry experience and, in this course, students are exposed to real IT problems.


  • Applicants must have completed an Australian Year 12 qualification, Australian Qualifications Framework Diploma, or equivalent Australian or overseas qualification at the required level.

    Alternative entry

    Students who gain entry through the UTS INSEARCH pathway are eligible for 48 credit points of credit recognition. Students who have completed a relevant diploma at TAFE NSW may be eligible for at least 24 credit points of credit recognition. There are also articulations with this course with institutions in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Details are available from the Building 10 Student Centre.


  • The English proficiency requirement for international students or local applicants with international qualifications is: Academic IELTS: 6.0 overall with a writing score of 6.0; or TOEFL: paper based: 500-549 overall with TWE of 4.5, internet based: 60-78 overall with a writing score of 21; or AE5: Pass; or PTE: 50-57; or CAE: 169-175.

  • If you would like to study in Australia at a university or tertiary level then you may be eligible for the Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573) or Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (subclass 574). If your intention is to study a non-award foundation studies course or components of a course (other than English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) that does not lead to an award then the Non Award Sector visa (subclass 575) may suit your needs. For those who intend to come to Australia to undertake English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) the Independent ELICOS Sector visa (subclass 57) provides this option. In some cases it is possible to package your studies on the one visa subclass. For more information please see Course packaging. Eligible student visa applicants from participating education providers may also be able to apply for Streamlined student visa processing. If you have finished your studies and wish to work in Australia temporarily, please see Post-study work arrangements or our Working visas. ; See more at


According to the joboutlook (opens external site) employment in 2017 - 2018 for:

  • Computer network professionals is expected to grow very strongly
  • Database and systems administrators and ICT security specialists is expected to grow strongly
  • ICT business and systems analysts is expected to grow very strongly
  • ICT support and test engineers is expected to steadily
  • Multimedia specialists and web developers is expected to grow strongly

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