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ITHEA is a new and innovative educational institution which offers many opportunities for academic success. Its development was inspired by significant changes in the educational structure of Australia and the high demand for vocational education for students. We aim to provide nationally recognised courses for both Local and International students. We are attuned to the additional needs and requirements of all students and strive to provide the best possible environment in order that they may succeed in their studies.

We have embraced change in a vibrant environment, continuously looking towards the future for educational innovation and achievement. Most importantly, we acknowledge and value the cultural diversity of students within our institution.

ITHEA is a Registered Training Provider (RTO) and meets all standards agreed to by Federal and State Governments in Australia.

Excellent teaching is at the heart of any successful learning experience. ITHEA trainers are chosen for their knowledge, dedication to their students and ability to teach. The friendly and caring atmosphere and comprehensive support network provide students with a safe and happy study environment.


Our Vision

We at ITHEA, believe that education is vital for empowerment and development of the individual. We strive to be a leading provider of superior educational pathways, enabling learners to attain their educational aspirations.

Our Philosophy

The mission of the Institute of Tertiary and Higher Education Australia (ITHEA) is to provide an elite level of education and training services to our students by providing a range of educational opportunities which enhance their knowledge and skills. We do this by delivering high quality programs for a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds. We focus on the development of students’ skills within a supportive, vibrant and exciting learning environment. We accomplish this by utilising only the highest qualified, committed and supportive staff.


ITHEA offers many innovative opportunities for the academic excellence of students. Most ITHEA courses are designed to prepare students for further study.

Courses are nationally recognised and provide students with potential links to colleges and universities upon satisfactory completion.

Credit transfer will be assessed on an individual case basis. The diagram below is a possible pathway for students. It does not imply full credit transfer from course to course.

The diagram to the right is of the Australian Education Framework. Entry into further education could vary for each course. Students must consult with ITHEA and or further education institutions for additional and supplementary verification.


Aged Care Courses


Community Services


Early Childhood Education and Care

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Leadership and Management


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