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EDWY is an ambitious EdTech startup that offers data-driven solutions integrated with an Artificial intelligence (AI) platform for global education institutions and education agencies.

About Us

Striving to create a better education & career opportunity in globe.

At EDWY, we are devoted to shape the future by connecting global education, assisting people to achieve their fullest potential, and sharing our resources with the rest of world. All landing pages are displayed in English, Chinese and Korean. We are focusing on targeting Australia, China, Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore and much more.

We endeavour students to select the best-fit education paths supported by our comprehensive information system. We strongly believe the synergy between global education institutions and EDWY. This cooperation will develop students’ potential and elevate their horizons. Therefore, we persist in optimising, innovating and revolutionising our technology towards this vision.

Global Opportunities
Accelerate Potential
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EDWY is a data-driven service which matches students to global education institutions.

Centralised search

Offer tertiary institution centered information through in-site search function and detailed categorisation.

Online enrolment

Create a seamless application procedure and workflow Integrated with payment gateway .

Decision-making algorithms

Present a way for users to get support with such features as pre-built algorithms, recommendation systems, and predictive analytics.

Free Demo

If you are global education institutions or education agency, book in a free demo with our friendly support team at EDWY. They'll show you the ropes and answer all your questions about EDWY.

Global Advertising

EDWY offers global marketing opportunities for education partners to increase student enrolments through advanced implementation of enquiry generation, management and conversion.

Simplistic Procedures

We offer an aspiring international student all the guidance and services required to successfully apply to the university they desire. Online application and payment can be easily performed with a click.

Agent CRM

We understand global education market, develop a blueprint for agencies and endeavour to synchronise data with partner institutions. Despite the scale of organisation, we encourage to implement our FREE customer relationship management system to stay competitive in the industry.

AI Chatbot

AI is a showcase of brand commitment to customer service. We aims to move customers with personal one-on-one consultation. EDWY platform combines intelligent, decision-making algorithms with data, which enables users to get personalised education advice.

Mobile responsive

User behaviour is trending towards mobile devices. We overcome the scale of education system and customer experience issue with innovative UI and foster a convenient end-to-end services regardless of user devices.



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